An Unequal Paying Field: Ontario’s gender wage gap, explained

Sasha Gronsdahl Spending late nights researching a wicked public policy problem may not be everyone’s idea of fun, but that was how many students from U of T’s School of Public Policy and Governance chose to fill their time last week as participants in the School’s internal case competition. The “case” was about Ontario’s gender […]

Fighting “Barbaric Cultural Practices” as Public Policy

Saad Omar Khan Sometime in his tenure as Britain’s Commander-in-Chief in India during a period of British rule in the nineteenth century, General Sir Charles Napier was approached by several Hindu priests regarding his aggressive crackdown on the practice of sati—the ritual burning of widows upon the death of their husbands. The priests’ objection to the colonial […]

The Silencing Effect of Toronto’s Community Grants Policy

In light of Toronto’s upcoming municipal election, the PPGR is dedicating this week to a special series of posts that focus on municipal policy issues. Be sure to browse this week’s content to read up on other topics of municipal interest. Marina Makris Back on October 9th, the “Gender and the City” mayoral debate was cancelled following a […]

Seen and Heard: Women in House Event in Ottawa

Claudia Wong An annual event at Parliament Hill, Women in House provides an opportunity for university students to gain an inside look into the lives of female politicians in the Canadian federal government. The program, which is hosted by many universities across Canada, aims to foster among women a desire for political involvement in and […]