Opinion: Child Care and the New Visage of Female Oppression

Krzysztof Banel It is seldom that one can have a discussion about child care policies in Canada today without alluding to the implications that such policies can — and do — have on Canadian women. The implementation of the Universal Child Care Benefit (UCCB), instead of a national child care program, has placed the responsibility […]

The Costs and Benefits of the Income Split

Cayla Baarda After months of debate both in and outside of Parliament, the federal government recently announced plans to lower the tax burden for Canadian families. A core component of these plans is an income splitting policy designed to allow couples with children under the age of 18 to split their incomes between the higher and lower […]

Early Childcare Education and the Benefit Redistibution Debate

Tara Sackett In recent weeks, a lively social policy debate has emerged front and centre in the Canadian media as the Conservative and New Democratic parties advocate for polar-opposite childcare options for families with young children. The Conservative platform trumpets “choice” with the $100/month Universal Childcare Benefit, although its recently introduced income splitting policy is argued […]