Weapons of Mass Disruption: How Anti-Trump Protests Are Using Social Media to Change Policy

Celine Caira The U.S. President Donald Trump’s election and subsequent storm of executive orders provoked numerous protests around the globe. Most notably, the Women’s March on Washington garnered participation from an estimated 2.5 million people in more than 670 protests worldwide, from Capetown to Tokyo, in solidarity against the freshly inaugurated President’s agenda. Protests also […]

Conservative Politicians: Climate Change Laggards?

Taylor Crane Rodrigues  Donald Trump, tweeter-in-chief, has openly claimed for years that global warming is a hoax created by the Chinese “to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive.” Canadian Member of Parliament (MP) and Conservative leadership candidate Brad Trost received cheers and applause at a recent leadership debate when he said, “I don’t believe climate change is […]

Trump is a sore loser—and it’s hurting America’s democracy

Madeline Rowland The 2016 presidential election has become something of a spectator sport for Canadians. We have watched with a mix of horror and schadenfreude as Donald Trump rallies a sizeable base using little more than overt racism, scare tactics, and his (not so tremendous) business record. Watching the democratic process run its course this […]

The Political Impact of a Growing Narrative of Fear

Shannon Brooks Recent news is flooded with headlines of political perspectives based on isolationism, and many upcoming electoral nominees are engaging with a strengthening “fear narrative.” Extremist views are spreading, which is leading to new world perspectives, and new political parties that could not have had the same influence or popular support as in the […]

The rise of the post-factual democracy: A look at Brexit

Jonathan Kates Human disaster. Although the tweet was only a Photoshop edit, it is an apt description of a post-Brexit David Cameron. The morning following a lifeless “Remain” campaign that resulted in a narrow 52-48 per cent victory for the Leave campaign, Cameron resigned as the United Kingdom’s Prime Minister. This instigated a tumultuous period […]