The High Price of Higher Education

Cayla Baarda Governments around the world are increasingly recognizing the payoffs of an educated population, not least of which include greater labour productivity and higher earning potential. Still, not all politicians can agree on precisely how much public money should be spent on assisting individuals’ pursuit of higher education. In 2014, Germany made headlines when the […]

How the Student Protesters Won The Quebec Election

Matt Thompson Earlier this month, after a hard-fought and often bitter campaign, Quebec voters accomplished something rare – they managed to disappoint almost every major player on the electoral stage. The Liberals lost their mandate after nine years, with some of their core supporters abandoning them for a party that makes their stomachs turn.  After […]

Bending the Cost Curve of Higher Education

Graeme Stewart, of the Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Associations, just wrote a a piece for The Mark on the recently released Browne Report on U.K. higher education (“Beware the Brown Report”). The Browne Report looks at ways to retool the way higher education is financed. It’s chief recommendation is deregulation of university tuition to promote […]