Pan-Canadian Perspectives: Go BIG or Go Poor? Is Canada Ready to be the Pioneer of the Basic Income Guarantee?

Editor’s Note: This week, the PPGR is publishing commentary articles from public policy and public administration students at universities across Canada. This Pan-Canadian Perspectives series is meant to highlight voices from coast to coast, addressing diverse issues of local and national importance. This article  from the West Coast: Rehnuma Jahan Islam from Simon Fraser University […]

Canada Should Focus on Health Rather than Healthcare

Steven Lamothe Most Canadians of all political stripes have immense pride in Canada’s universal public healthcare system, with many considering it an integral part of the Canadian identity. It is no surprise then that many Canadians list the continued funding of the public healthcare system as one of their main concerns when casting their votes, […]

Seen and Heard: Tax is not a Four Letter Word

Daniella Dávila Aquije On November 5th, the Centre for Ethics and the School of Public Policy and Governance hosted Dr. Alex Himelfarb, Director of the York University Glendon School of Public and International Affairs. His talk, titled “Tax is not a Four Letter Word,” explored the political discourse surrounding taxation. This discourse has encouraged people […]