Corporation Tax Changes: A Brief Explainer

Three targets, two principles, and one underlying cause Marvin JS Ferrer The federal government is proposing changes to rules around corporation taxes, which would affect Canadians who control corporations.  Instead of being paid directly (for example, with a salary), Canadians can form a corporation, or “incorporate,” and direct income into the corporation, then receive a […]

Exploring Alternatives to the Universal Basic Income

Andrew Abballe and Jonathan Kates If you’ve been following any discussion of 21st century economic adaptation, you’ve likely come across the term “universal basic income” (UBI).  This is the concept that every person in a given jurisdiction will receive a minimum weekly or monthly payment, regardless of how much they work, or any income they […]

Small Business, Big Loophole

Connor Colvin  Every major federal political party supports small business. They’ll confidently tell you that they are the ones with the best plan to help small businesses. The “low-tax “ Conservatives are proposing cutting the small business tax rate from 11 per cent to 9 per cent. On the other hand, the “pro-middle class” Liberals […]