STEM-ing the Achievement Gap: Looking Beyond the Classroom

Abiola Sulaiman Discussions on improving student grades, raising high school graduation rates, and increasing post-secondary enrolment often point to student-teacher ratios as a major success factor. The impact of class size on education achievement has been evidenced over time in numerous studies. Of those, Tennessee’s 1985-1989 Student Teacher Achievement Ratio (STAR) study is one of the most well […]

Opinion: The Misvaluing of the Humanities in the Policy Realm

Jeremy Mesiano-Crookston Two weeks ago, New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof extolled the virtues the humanities bring to a civil and progressive society; which is fair, just, and absolutely correct. The humanities should be extolled as that branch of human endeavour that gives shape and heft to the rest of political society. However, Kristof’s column also inadvertently […]