Is Ontario beginning to see the importance of main street businesses?

Steven Tavone In its recent Fall Economic Statement, the Ontario government committed $500 million to supporting small businesses over the next three years. This commitment includes a $40 million investment in supporting community planning, capital improvements, and technology adoption for cities’ main streets and supporting the small businesses that populate them (often called main street […]

Corporation Tax Changes: A Brief Explainer

Three targets, two principles, and one underlying cause Marvin JS Ferrer The federal government is proposing changes to rules around corporation taxes, which would affect Canadians who control corporations.  Instead of being paid directly (for example, with a salary), Canadians can form a corporation, or “incorporate,” and direct income into the corporation, then receive a […]

Small Business, Big Loophole

Connor Colvin  Every major federal political party supports small business. They’ll confidently tell you that they are the ones with the best plan to help small businesses. The “low-tax “ Conservatives are proposing cutting the small business tax rate from 11 per cent to 9 per cent. On the other hand, the “pro-middle class” Liberals […]

The Protectionist Market Regime of Canadian Dairy Farms

Freshta Raoufi  The Canadian Dairy Commission currently faces domestic and international pressures to change its course of action and adopt a free market principle. In an attempt to incentivize restaurant owners to buy Canadian cheese, the Canadian Supply Management Committee recently introduced a discount on mozzarella. The subsidy, however, further reveals the distortions present within […]