Canada Post Reforms Prove Hasty and Unpopular

 Delaney Cummings Canada Post recently announced controversial changes that will effect home mail delivery and the cost of stamps. Home delivery will be phased out over the next five years for five million Canadian households, and the cost of stamps will be raised from 63 cents to 85 cents by March 31, 2013. These changes […]

Why We Need to Stop Resenting Defined Benefit Pension Plans

Michael Nicin If you’re under a certain age, chances are that you’re either not going to be able to save enough for your own retirement or you’re lying to yourself that you won’t want to retire anyway. It’s a given that you don’t have a pension plan, let alone a defined benefit plan. And in […]

Why More Seniors Are ‘Living Apart Together’ and What it Means for Health Policy

Daphne Cheung In a recent Maclean’s article, writer Manisha Krishnan expressed surprise over older couples who are in a committed relationship but do not live in the same residence. This emerging family demographic, known as “living apart together (LAT),” is being recognised in Canada, Britain, and Australia, and in United Nations Economic for Europe (UNECE) […]