Blockchain – What Is It and Why Does It Matter?

Andrew Abballe  The promise of the internet was to democratize and decentralize information and content. It offered a platform that would allow millions of users from around the world to contribute meaningfully through a peer-to-peer global network. The internet has been successful in reducing communication and research costs, encouraging new collaborations, and lowering barriers to […]

Civil Liberties in the Age of Terror: Canada’s Anti-Terrorism Act

Saad Omar Khan The international jihadist movement has declared war on Canada. We are being targeted because jihadi terrorists hate our society and the values it represents. Jihadi terrorism is not a human right; it is an act of war. The Conservative Party uses the above quote to introduce Bill C-51 (otherwise known as the ‘Anti-Terrorism Act’) […]

Legislating the Web: Cyber-Bullying and Online Privacy Rights

Fatimah Atcha On October 6th, 2012, 16-year-old Amanda Todd committed suicide after almost two years of online harassment. Less than a year later, a 17-year-old Nova Scotia girl hanged herself after videos of her sexual assault were posted and circulated online. Both events became prominent news stories and sparked significant national outrage, and the federal […]