Turning the Light on for Research in Ontario

Aniket Kumar In an effort to address the reality that Ontario tuition costs are higher than other Canadian provinces, the Ontario government has committed to transform the way that universities are funded. The new funding formula will focus on improving access to universities for individuals from low-income households, and preparing these students for the workforce. […]

Seen and Heard: Hertie’s Multimedia Interactive Research Workshop

The ‘Public Policy and Governance Review Abroad’, or PPGR Abroad, is a new initiative for 2014. Undertaken in collaborative with exchange students from the Master of Public Policy program at the School of Public Policy and Governance, University of Toronto, it will featured policy insights and analyses direct from Berlin and Paris. Anjela Deyanska What drives […]

Canadian Research Policy: Retrenchment or Realignment?

Adina Serbanescu I recently had the opportunity to attend Social Planning Toronto’s July Research and Policy Forum entitled ‘Austerity or Ideology?’ Although the tagline could aptly encapsulate several recent policy changes, the SPT Forum focused on the upsurge of funding cuts and caps to research, and the realignment of priorities around research at both the […]