A Little Bit Goes a Long Way in City Building

Max Greenwald City building is the confluence of policies, politics, institutions, inputs, and circumstances required to create a thriving city. City building is multi-faceted and aspirational, but too often we only talk about the big, expensive, flashy parts of city building: the “big things.” City building has become increasingly important with the current majority of […]

Seen and Heard: TWCA Official Plan Teach-In

Laura Haché On the evening of September 25th, the Toronto Women’s City Alliance (TWCA) brought together a diverse group of 30 men and women at Metro Hall to learn about the future of safety, housing, employment, and social services for women across the city. Since 2004, the TWCA has pushed for political commitment in addressing […]

Redefining Spaces: Three innovative methods of using public space

Jeremy Mesiano-Crookston The role a city plays in the life of a citizen is a central one. A country can work to define the overarching politics of a person – can make them look at the world through a particular lens or contemplate their place in it. But a municipality makes the critical political decisions […]