From Privacy Policy to Public Policy

Maybelle Szeto Most of us are experts in privacy law. At least we should be, since Canadians reportedly visit thousands of webpages per month, and high-traffic websites such as Google, Amazon and Facebook all have privacy policies. Yet, how many of us have scrolled past the legal jargon of a website’s Terms of Service in […]

Seen and Heard: Social Media and Privacy Legislation

Max Greenwald How can legislation protect our privacy when it comes to social media? Before we can have a proper discussion about policy action, we have to take a step back and understand the dynamics of social media. The thing is, the erosion of our privacy by sites like Facebook is not a violation—it is […]

Why Wikileaks is Good for Government (Privacy Part 2)

High atop the crow’s nest in which the policy practioner rests, the information privacy battle appears to making a surprising turn in favour of government. Though the most basic hyper-confidential intuitions of the bureaucrat would suggest otherwise, the trend toward Web 2.0, Gov 2.0, and Open Data will make our jobs much easier. Beyond the […]

On Privacy and Why We Should Care… (Part I)

For the last couple of years print and digital media have been exploring the relationship between technology and privacy. The attention is not unwarranted. Privacy is the key concept behind a discussion that is taking place to redefine the 21st century nature of information. “Public” information – corporate info is protected by law – is […]

My Own Personal Flip-Flop (Maybe)

I’m the sort of person that shouldn’t really like the gun registry. I’m a gunowner. I’m a hunter. I generally dislike the idea of the government having a ton of information about me unless there’s a good reason. I don’t like wasteful spending. In short, I’m a bit of a redneck. For a long time […]