International Student Investment and the Case of Vantage College

Tracy Wang The University of British Columbia (UBC) recently began construction on Vantage College, the home for its unique Vantage One program. The 11 month-long program is designed for international students who are academically qualified, but fail to meet the university’s minimum English language requirements. Students at the College will have a customized curriculum with specialized language instruction […]

The Boys, the Girls, and Everybody Else: The Great Education Debate

Anna Hodgins The ‘men versus women’ debate is an old classic that still pushes buttons and sparks discussion. Power dynamics between the sexes has been a hot topic for decades, but more recently it has included a new discussion about men’s position relative to the expanding opportunities open to women (in general) since the 1950s. […]

How the Student Protesters Won The Quebec Election

Matt Thompson Earlier this month, after a hard-fought and often bitter campaign, Quebec voters accomplished something rare – they managed to disappoint almost every major player on the electoral stage. The Liberals lost their mandate after nine years, with some of their core supporters abandoning them for a party that makes their stomachs turn.  After […]

The Undergraduate Crisis in Ontario

John Blattler A great deal of hand wringing throughout Canada’s universities has marked 2011. After decades of topsy-turvy growth, schools are finally assessing the effect of this on undergraduate education. Most do not like what they see. Robert Campbell, president of Mount Allison University, told a conference of his fellow university presidents in March that: […]

Effect of Rising Tuition on Low to Middle Income Families

Shranna Jaggernath If you want a good middle class job, you need to go to university.  That’s what we’ve been told, and we listened.  This past August, the Council of Ontario Universities announced that a record number of 90,000 students had enrolled in Ontario universities for the fall, 2000 more than 2003 when OAC was […]