Vote Smarter: 3 Open Data Tools for a More Open Democracy

Jenny Mutton Our country’s current administration is not known for being open and transparent. So when making a voting decision in the federal election on October 19th, how can we arm ourselves with the information that we will need to make a smart choice? Politicians shouldn’t be enigmas. Their voting records and political speeches shouldn’t […]

Seen and Heard: Amanda Clarke, Digital Government and Citizen Engagement

Max Greenwald When it comes to government-citizen engagement, democracy can be a narrowing framework. Especially in the digital age, governments must move away from viewing citizen engagement as a democratic process and instead view it as a means to expand opportunities for effective governance. Speaking at the School of Public Policy and Governance on February […]

Seen and Heard: Leadership in Public Policy with Paul Cadario

Vass Bednar On Friday, November 23, Paul Cadario, Senior Manager at the World Bank, joined SPPG for the Leadership in Public Policy Series to reflect on his thirty-seven years with the Bank. The World Bank is a vital source of financial and technical assistance to developing countries around the world. He was joined for an […]

Why Wikileaks is Good for Government (Privacy Part 2)

High atop the crow’s nest in which the policy practioner rests, the information privacy battle appears to making a surprising turn in favour of government. Though the most basic hyper-confidential intuitions of the bureaucrat would suggest otherwise, the trend toward Web 2.0, Gov 2.0, and Open Data will make our jobs much easier. Beyond the […]