Big in Japan: Public Policy of Love

Samantha Hatoski There is a demographic time bomb waiting to go off in Japan. Experts argue that the country’s shrinking population, slow economic growth, declining fertility rate, and rise in unsteady employment are all to blame, and with an increasing elderly population, the outlook is dire. Japan has taken a unique approach to this situation, […]

Being Belligerent about Article 9

Andrew Do What makes a country’s constitution legitimate? It is not exactly a question that many people are confronted with every day. Nonetheless, when asked, I think many people would suggest that a large part of what makes a constitution legitimate is that it is not drafted by some external power. The international norms of […]

My Summer Was Great, How Was Yours? Rounding Up Summer Happenings in the Asia-Pacific

Ernest Chong It’s been a rather eventful summer in Pacific Asia. This three-part mini-series will briefly examine some highlights that have regional and global implications. We begin with a look at the region’s territorial disputes and a major failure on the part of the region’s cooperative organization, ASEAN. Much Ado about Islands The Asia-Pacific region was […]

Uncle Sam Is Back

Ernest Chong The United States is returning to the Asia-Pacific region. Last November, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton wrote of “America’s Pacific Century” in Foreign Policy, and Washington announced the basing of Marines in Australia. Shortly thereafter, President Obama began reversing years of perceived American disengagement by participating in the East Asia Summit (EAS) for […]