The Future of Health Care: In Conversation with Shannon Lundquist

By Jolene Funk As technology advances, the opportunity for innovation across different sectors grows. For the health care industry, the present moment offers a unique opportunity to push the boundaries of the possible, but also presents challenges as the sector struggles to adapt while maintaining patient safety, allocating scarce resources, and adhering to standards of […]

Long Overdue: Assessing the State of Canada’s Infrastructure Deficit

Rohan Balram Every day, over 6,000 commuters travel to and from central Toronto by the Gardiner Expressway. Although the Gardiner is clearly a key piece of transportation infrastructure, it has been left to deteriorate for more than a decade. Despite reports of falling debris every winter, most government action has manifested itself in scattered efforts […]

Equity Crowdfunding Could Boost Canadian Startups

Wesley Anam Imagine you’ve just come up with a great idea for a new product and you can’t wait to start designing, building, and selling it on the market. There’s only one problem: you need money to start your project. You’re still paying off student loans, your parents are saving up for their retirement, and […]