Friend or Foe: Educationally Assortative Marriages

Shane Senécal-Tremblay Wealth inequality, or the uneven distribution of financial assets among citizens, is a subject that has gained significant traction as of late. Following the Occupy movement and the publication of Thomas Pickety’s best-selling “Capital in the Twenty-First Century,” it is not only fraught over within academia, but also now figures prominently in the public […]

Seen and Heard: SPPG’s Gender & Public Policy Workshop

Michael Stacey  Born out of an especially vibrant discussion in Dr. Dan Zuberi’s Social Context of Policy Making class last year, the School of Public Policy and Governance’s Gender & Public Policy Workshops are a student-led attempt to address critical policy issues that remain absent from SPPG’s current curriculum. Last Friday the first Workshop welcomed […]

Seen and Heard: John Stapleton, the Janeiro Donelson Perez Lecture on Inequality

Natalia Segal John Stapleton is a writer, instructor and Innovations Fellow with the Metcalf Foundation. He has worked for the Ontario Government for 28 years in the areas of social assistance policy and operations, and was Research Director for the Task Force on Modernizing Income Security for Working-Age Adults in Toronto. On November 15, 2012, John spoke […]

Buffett: Can you spare a tax rate?

Phil Donelson “We’ve borrowed too much, we’ve spent too much, and we’ve dramatically over-regulated every aspect of the private sector in our country and now we are threatening to raise taxes on top of it,” said Republican Senator Mitch McConnell on NBC’s Meet the Press this past Sunday. Though seemingly unaware of the regulatory history […]

Myth of the Knowledge Economy

Thomas Vogl Narratives are powerful instruments in policymaking. They can simplify complex circumstances and make them readily amenable to policymaking. Through simplifications, narratives can result in omissions, misrepresentation and unforeseen negative outcomes. However, this does not take away from their capacity to set assumptions that underwrite the decision making process. A pervasive narrative when discussing […]

It’s About Poverty, Stupid!

Earlier this year, a pair of pundits  lamented the lack of grand policy ideas in Canadian politics. To no one’s surprise, this federal election has not radically changed the tone of our political discourse and the last few weeks have been fairly devoid of entrepreneurial policy debate. In a last minute effort to spice things-up, […]