The Political Debate Around “The Middle Class” is Far From Classy

Jennifer Mutton “The Liberal Party, alone, is fighting for middle-class Canadians.” (John McCallum, Liberal, 2015) “Despite the NDP and the Liberals who have positioned themselves against middle-class families, I am proud that our government is giving money back to each and every family with children in Canada.” (Rob Clarke, Conservative, 2015) “I am concerned that the […]

Too Big to Change: A Look at Canadian Executive Compensation

Brynne Moore A recent report released by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA) found that the compensation levels of Canada’s wealthiest 100 Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) now average about $9.2 million — each. Many of these individuals earn more in a single day than the average Canadian will earn over the course of a year. The […]