Canada Might Need to Get Off Its Immigration High-Horse

Terhas Ghebretecle and Talha Sadiq  Against a backdrop of growing anti-immigrant sentiment around the world, Canada is often portrayed as a model for the successful integration of immigrants. But rising inequality and austerity have changed the context for immigrant settlement in Canada. On February 16, Professor Daniyal Zuberi, RBC Chair and Associate Professor at the […]

Minority Report

Nalisha Asgarali  Minority groups globally are considering their changing place in mainstream society as headlines and social media feeds are overwhelmed with highly contested viewpoints about them. The Muslim Question in Canada: A Story of Segmented Integration, Professor Abdie Kazemipur’s latest book on Muslim immigration and integration in Canada, seeks to shed light on the minority question. […]

The German Reaction to the European Migrant Crisis: An Over-excited City, a Divided Public, and an Exhausted Civil Service

Ashley Mantha-Hollands In 2004 Klaus Wowereit, Berlin’s former mayor, coined the ultra popular saying “Berlin is poor, but sexy.” In truth, there is no phrase that more accurately describes the city’s rampant nightlife, dark grunge fashion, and decrepit street art-covered buildings scattered among neoclassical architecture. Berlin has long distinguished itself through its novel policies from […]

The Interim Federal Health Program and the Cost of Cutting Costs

Haleema Butt Recent public uproar in response to federal government cutbacks to the Interim Federal Health Program (IFHP) should come as no surprise. The program, which provides limited health care benefits to people not eligible for provincial or territorial health insurance (i.e. refugees and non-citizens), was cut back on June 30, 2012. Critics from within the […]