What the Presidential Debates Reveal About Privilege and Sexual Assault

Marvin JS Ferrer I’m with her. The United States presidential debates are over and election day is fast approaching.  Unless there are longstanding structural polling biases in her favour, Hillary Clinton will most likely be the next President of the United States. Thank goodness. Many commentators have debated the effectiveness or relevance (or lack thereof) […]

Trump is a sore loser—and it’s hurting America’s democracy

Madeline Rowland The 2016 presidential election has become something of a spectator sport for Canadians. We have watched with a mix of horror and schadenfreude as Donald Trump rallies a sizeable base using little more than overt racism, scare tactics, and his (not so tremendous) business record. Watching the democratic process run its course this […]

Banning Muslims? Explaining Xenophobia in the US and Europe

Nalisha Asgarali The fear of Islam and its followers is rising globally. With the United States presidential election looming ever closer, the steady “War on Terrorism,” a raging geopolitical war in Syria, a refugee crisis rampant across Europe, and the global security threat posed by ISIS, the world has been increasingly divided over one key demographic: Muslims. […]