Global Student Mobility: The Stimulant for Economic Growth in Nigeria

Abiola Sulaiman Nigeria, Africa’s largest economy and most populous nation with approximately 180 million people and an annual population growth rate of 3.5 per cent, finds itself in a pivotal position with an upcoming national election (recently postponed to March). The Nigerian electorate is standing in the eyes of the world, symbolized by the United […]

International Student Investment and the Case of Vantage College

Tracy Wang The University of British Columbia (UBC) recently began construction on Vantage College, the home for its unique Vantage One program. The 11 month-long program is designed for international students who are academically qualified, but fail to meet the university’s minimum English language requirements. Students at the College will have a customized curriculum with specialized language instruction […]

Bending the Cost Curve of Higher Education

Graeme Stewart, of the Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Associations, just wrote a a piece for The Mark on the recently released Browne Report on U.K. higher education (“Beware the Brown Report”). The Browne Report looks at ways to retool the way higher education is financed. It’s chief recommendation is deregulation of university tuition to promote […]