The Future of Health Care: In Conversation with Shannon Lundquist

By Jolene Funk As technology advances, the opportunity for innovation across different sectors grows. For the health care industry, the present moment offers a unique opportunity to push the boundaries of the possible, but also presents challenges as the sector struggles to adapt while maintaining patient safety, allocating scarce resources, and adhering to standards of […]

Where Canada’s Health Care Fails: The Case of Lyme Disease

Shannon Brooks Recently, media outlets have started to draw public attention to the importance of public prevention against tick bites. However, public health policy has invested few resources into research to create a Canadian framework for combatting Lyme disease born of tick bites. Cases of Canadians being infected by Lyme-carrying ticks have spread throughout the […]

Thinking and Speaking Differently: Reframing Health Equity

The Walter Gordon Symposium is an annual conference co-hosted by the School of Public Policy and Governance and Massey College. In the lead up to the 2015 Walter Gordon Symposium, students, speakers, faculty, and community members are invited to share their reflections on the theme of ‘Confronting Complexity’ in Canadian society. ​This year’s conference will take place on March […]

Opinion: The Vaccination Debate and the Importance of Framing

Tracy Wang As of February 6th, six Torontonians had been diagnosed with the measles virus. Of those six individuals, three were not vaccinated, one received only one of the two recommended doses of the vaccine, and the remaining two should have been immune (one was fully vaccinated and the other was born before 1970). While most domestic […]

Supervised Injection Sites and Vancouver’s ‘Insite’ Experiment

Alexis Mulvenna In 2003, North America’s first supervised narcotics injection site opened its doors in the heart of Vancouver’s downtown eastside. The ‘Insite’ facility allows individuals to self-administer intravenous drugs with clean injection equipment in the presence of health care workers. It also works to connect those individuals to a host of health care services, ranging from primary […]