Proposed Changes for Natural Health Products, Over the Counter Drugs, and Cosmetic Regulation in Canada: A Brief Overview

Marvin JS Ferrer A previous article authored by Marvin JS Ferrer noted that Health Canada is currently reviewing its regulations regarding natural health products in Canada. What is the current regulatory framework? Natural health products (NHPs), along with cosmetics and non-prescription drugs, are the three product types that fall under the broad category of “self-care products” […]

What is “conception”? It’s not as clear as many people think

Marvin JS Ferrer Out of millions of sperm, only one will fertilize an egg. The term “conception” is commonly used to describe this specific moment, and is also often treated as synonymous with the beginning of “pregnancy.” Many people think conception is a clearly defined moment, and pro-life positions are underpinned by the idea that, […]

Food Labelling: The Right to Know if You’re Eating GMOs

The ‘Public Policy and Governance Review Abroad’, or PPGR Abroad, is a new initiative for 2014. Undertaken in collaborative with exchange students from the Master of Public Policy program at the School of Public Policy and Governance, University of Toronto, it will featured policy insights and analyses direct from Berlin and Paris. Margaret Campbell After a […]