Opinion: Bill 94, A By-Product of American Orientalist Discourse

Shane Senécal-Tremblay Advanced by former Quebec Premier Jean Charest in 2010, Bill 94 is a controversial piece of legislation that effectively revokes fundamental freedoms and rights from those women whose religious beliefs include the wearing of a niqab. More specifically, the bill prohibits face-covering women from giving or receiving government services in the name of […]

The Scottish Referendum and the Future of Governance in the UK

Gagan Batra and Guy Miscampbell The votes are in. After years of speculation – and an outcome deemed ‘too close to call’ in the weeks and days leading up to last Thursday’s results – the Scottish referendum has come to an end, with Scotland rejecting independence and opting to remain part of the United Kingdom. […]

The Blurred Responsibilities in a Two-Tiered Regional System

Sopana Selvachandran The City has outgrown its capacity – this is a statement we hear often, especially within the last 10 years. Of course “the City” doesn’t solely include the metro Toronto area. As the Greater Toronto Area (“GTA”) continues to grow and expand, more regionally recognized issues in governance structures and economic growth became […]