Taking Stock of Canada’s International Commitments to Reduce GHG Emissions

By Clare MacDonald Introduction This explainer will delve into the international organizations involved in measuring and reporting worldwide commitments to slowing climate change. It will also examine the Government of Canada’s biggest climate-related commitments over the years and explain how Canada tracks and articulates its climate emissions and commitments on the global scale. Environment and […]

Pan-Canadian Perspectives: Intangible as air: Determining whether the federal government meets its climate change and emissions reductions goals

Editor’s Note: This week, the PPGR is publishing commentary articles from public policy and public administration students at universities across Canada. This Pan-Canadian Perspectives series is meant to highlight voices from coast to coast, addressing diverse issues of local and national importance. Our fourth article in this series is from Mavis Chan at Ryerson University, […]

Western Canada’s Carbon Sink Advantage

Paul Pryce The Government of Saskatchewan recently introduced another important dynamic to the climate change discussion in Canada: the issue of carbon sinks. The Saskatchewan White Paper on Climate Change, released on October 18, 2016, highlights the role of wetlands, forests, and farmland in naturally capturing and storing carbon dioxide through photosynthesis and other biological […]