Why Local Food Matters in Ontario

Matteo Pirri With the constant barrage of attack ads, Twitter hashtags, and political commentary leading up to Election Day next Thursday, you would be forgiven for failing to notice that Ontario is currently in the midst of its first official Local Food Week, which began today and runs until June 8. Local Food Week was […]

GMOs, Risk, and the Precautionary Principle

Marcelo Gortari In several decades, the human population is projected to reach a staggering 9 billion people. In the face of this astronomical growth, genetically modified organisms (GMOs) seem to promise the perfect solution. With engineered traits such as greater resistance to floods, droughts, and pests, GMOs suggest higher production of food for both developed […]

Eating at a Different Table

Trick question, when was the last time you lived the life of someone else? Confused, well that’s why it’s a trick question. For the most part, people live one life, perhaps dabbling in permutations of the same existence. This past week I was granted the opportunity to live as someone completely different from myself.  I […]