Uber Eats Social: A Creative Policy Solution to Food Insecurity

by Harpreet Sahota In the 2018 winter semester, nine SPPG students participated in a six-week intensive course jointly developed by the University of Toronto’s School of Public Policy and Governance and Evergreen, a national charitable organization that connects with citizens and stakeholders to create sustainable cities. The course, “Making an Impact from the Outside,” was […]

In Pearsuit of Happiness: What Canada Is Doing to Tackle Food Insecurity

Priscilla Mak Few policy areas have as widespread an effect on diverse stakeholders as food policy. All governments face challenges in food supply and distribution due to the complex global food system – farmers, processors, distributors, and consumers are all affected by food policies and regulations. In Canada, there has been no comprehensive policy response […]

Waste Not, Want Not: Ensuring the Future of Food Security

Denna Berg Food production is extensive. It requires large portions of land and high levels of water, energy, pesticide, fertilizer, and soil. It’s a major contributor to the economy, but is also rather tricky, as it relies on the least controllable input–the weather. Agricultural regions are now facing even greater challenges due to sporadic shifts caused […]