The Federation: Is Canadian Federalism Fit to Meet the Challenges of the Future?

Scott Surphlis National anniversaries often act as symbolic moments of reflection and reawakening. Indeed, Canada’s 150th anniversary has proven to be no different. Fifty years ago, centennial euphoria swept the nation. A political awakening would follow, one that would push the federation to confront the divisions that lay below the shimmer of Canada’s colonial veneer….

The Scottish Referendum and the Future of Governance in the UK

Gagan Batra and Guy Miscampbell The votes are in. After years of speculation – and an outcome deemed ‘too close to call’ in the weeks and days leading up to last Thursday’s results – the Scottish referendum has come to an end, with Scotland rejecting independence and opting to remain part of the United Kingdom….

Under the Influence: Regulating the Interprovincial Trade of Alcohol

Lindsay Handren Later this week, the Council of the Federation is set to meet in Charlottetown to discuss and take action on shared priorities in the Canadian federation. In the weeks leading up to the annual meeting, internal trade has resurfaced as a key issue, with the Western Premiers going so far as to sign…

The China-Canada Treaty, Federalism, and Provincial Consultation

Matthew Seddon There is significant, well-founded public ire against the Canada-China Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Act (Canada-China FIPPA), signed on November 1 in Russia (Mackinnon 2012), and it shows no sign of tapering (Trew 2012).  Of course, some outrage accompanies any policy change, especially one that has not faced an iota of public scrutiny…