Toronto Will Reduce Harm Through Supervised Injection Services

Shannon Hazlett According to a 2013 Toronto report, 206 people died from drug overdoses in that year, the highest annual number to date. Toronto is following the lead of its West Coast counterpart, Vancouver, in establishing supervised injection sites. The City is planning to introduce at least three supervised injection services to provide drug users […]

Supervised Injection Sites and Vancouver’s ‘Insite’ Experiment

Alexis Mulvenna In 2003, North America’s first supervised narcotics injection site opened its doors in the heart of Vancouver’s downtown eastside. The ‘Insite’ facility allows individuals to self-administer intravenous drugs with clean injection equipment in the presence of health care workers. It also works to connect those individuals to a host of health care services, ranging from primary […]

Rethinking ‘Party Drug’ Policy in Canada

Morag Humphrey In March of 2012, Canada’s federal government passed the Safe Streets and Community Act, otherwise known as Bill C-10, an omnibus bill that carried reforms to the Criminal Code as well as to the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (CDSA). The bill lead to the re-classification of amphetamines as a Schedule I drug (subject to […]