The Future of Service Delivery: Government in the Digital Age

By: Hiba Siddiqui We live in a society where individuals use powerful digital services on a regular basis for a variety of purposes. With the speed and sophistication of social networking services, enterprise systems and streaming services, it is imperative that public service delivery is also modernized and transformed to mirror the private sector’s fast […]

The Digital Role of the State

Most government websites are riddled with design flaws that prioritize endless amounts of text and hyperlinks over functionality and usability. Instead of finding what they need or completing a task quickly and simply, most users experience conflicting information, rampant accessibility issues, and confusing layouts and features. This raises the question of why online interactions with […]

In Flux: Canada’s First Service Design Conference

Jasmine CY Lam At first glance, design and public policy may seem to have little in common. But, when we delve deeper, we see that people are at the core of both disciplines. On December 1, 2016, Canada’s first service design conference, In Flux, was held in Toronto, Ontario. Practitioners from across private, non-profit, and […]