Experiments Are Not Just for Scientists Anymore

Marvin JS Ferrer The 4th Toronto Political Behaviour Workshop answers big questions about why citizens do what they do US Republicans who are aware that the fast-food chain Wendy’s donates to members of the Republican Party, will choose to eat at Wendy’s more often than those who aren’t. Democrats who are aware of the association, however, […]

Seen and Heard: ‘Silence of the Labs’ Screening

Jordann Thirgood In January, the School of Public Policy and Governance at the University of Toronto hosted a public screening of “Silence of the Labs” in collaboration with Evidence for Democracy (E4D), a non-partisan organization that advocates for transparency and evidence-based decision-making in public policy. Since then, E4D has continued to screen the film across the […]

Opinion: The Limits of Evidence-Based Policy-Making

Laura Hache´ This fall, the Social Impact Analysts Association will hold its third annual conference in Toronto. Entitled “Talking Data: Measurement with a Message”, the event will bring evaluation professionals together for discussions on the impact and value of social policy evaluation methodologies. A number of the newer practices in this field – notably the ‘Social Return […]

Data and Visualization: Ontario Salary Disclosure

(Disclaimer: The “Sector” and “Organization type” categories are not part of the original Government of Ontario dataset, I added them. There might be errors, and if there are, it’s my fault and not that of the Ontario Public Service. Use at your own risk.) I’ve written before about how important I think visual presentations of information […]

The Tyranny of Text

Not too long ago, I spent an evening watching and discussing TED talks. There were quite a few talks that were interesting and relevant to the world of policy, but one really stood out. David McCandless, of Information is Beautiful fame, did a talk on visualizing information. While watching the video, I thought back to […]