Seen and Heard: Politics & Policy in the PMO

Alexa Greig “I’m here because we were fired by the voters,” noted Sean Speer, in his opening remarks. Beside him, Chaviva Hosek nodded knowingly. Later in the discussion, she matter-of-factly added: “All democratic governments lose elections, thank god. They have to.” These quotes reflect the candid nature of a recent conservation with two people who […]

The Political Debate Around “The Middle Class” is Far From Classy

Jennifer Mutton “The Liberal Party, alone, is fighting for middle-class Canadians.” (John McCallum, Liberal, 2015) “Despite the NDP and the Liberals who have positioned themselves against middle-class families, I am proud that our government is giving money back to each and every family with children in Canada.” (Rob Clarke, Conservative, 2015) “I am concerned that the […]