Inviting Amazon: Toronto’s Trade-Off

After a year of cities petitioning their services and assets to Amazon, the tech company announced their shortlist for potential areas for their second HQ on January 19. Out of 20 cities, Toronto was the only one outside of the United States to make the list, which included strong competitors such as Washington, Miami, Boston, […]

Budgets Speak Louder Than Words: gender equity in the City of Toronto

Emily Wong Special thanks to Adryan Bergstrom-Borins for additional comments on this event. How do we improve gender equity in the City of Toronto? Budgeting might not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, that was precisely the focus of “Gender Equity in the City Budget” —Toronto’s first public meeting on how to […]

Where Are We Going? Public Transit and Racial Equity in Toronto

Scarlett Jones Overt institutional racism may no longer be socially acceptable in Canada, as it was during the days of the Chinese head tax, yet it has certainly proven to be persistent. Racial inequities continue to exist along institutional fault lines. For example, there is a disproportionate correlation between race and poverty, with visible minorities […]

Seen and Heard: Gender Analysis in Policy Making at SPPG

Julia Salzmann  Last week’s Gender and Public Policy Workshop: Gender Analysis in Policy Making was the second instalment of a student-led series at the School of Public Policy and Governance designed to address the growing importance of the relationship between gender and public policy. After a sold-out Workshop in the Fall semester that focussed on […]

Seen and Heard: City of Toronto CCO on Getting Ahead in Public Service

Heather Paszat Josie Scioli knows all about hard work. Born in the Azores, Portugal, she immigrated to Toronto with her family while still very young. Like many immigrant families, Scioli’s parents wanted their children to have a prosperous life, and they worked tirelessly picking worms, cleaning houses, and working other laborious jobs to enable their […]