The ins and outs of Hugh Segal’s basic income pilot

Jonathan Kates  Earlier this month, Hugh Segal, former Canadian Senator, current Master of Massey College and Ontario’s Special Advisor on Basic Income, released his discussion paper Finding a Better Way: A Basic Income Pilot Project for Ontario. In the paper Mr. Segal recommends that Ontario introduce a three-year randomized control trial pilot to test various […]

PPGR Morning Briefing – November 21, 2016

PPGR Morning Briefing Good morning and welcome to another edition of the PPGR Morning Briefing! Well Toronto, it looks like winter may have finally arrived. Try to look on the bright side though: the chaos brought on by that first millimetre of snow is sure to give us all something fresh to complain about! No need to worry […]

The Modern Role of Political Staff

Political staffers, aides, and “exempt staff” are too often maligned in Canadian politics. Neither elected nor independently hired on merit, and with salaries paid by government revenues, they have exclusive access to elected officials at the very heart of decision-making. Despite their reputation as shadowy figures wielding undue power, in reality, staffers perform a plethora of crucial tasks: from coordinating and ensuring delivery on electoral mandates and advising politicians, to communicating political decisions and engaging with stakeholders.

PPGR Morning Briefing – November 17, 2016

PPGR Morning Briefing                  Good morning and welcome to the PPGR Morning Briefing! On this crisp Thursday morning, may your coffee be strong and your commute not too long! Each week we will bring you a selection of relevant articles from the PPGR and other publications on policy issues […]

PPGR Morning Briefing – November 14, 2016

PPGR Morning Briefing                  Good morning and welcome to another edition of the PPGR Morning Briefing! This week, we’re giving in to the increasingly desperate emails we’ve been receiving from the CRTC, and serving up our normal helping of Canadian content. So sit back, relax, throw an extra “u” or two […]

PPGR Morning Briefing- November 10th, 2016

PPGR Special Report – Unpacking the Presidential Election Good morning subscribers, Although the Morning Briefing is only a few weeks old, we felt that it would be appropriate to break with tradition today. This morning, we’ve set aside our light, comedic style to address the results of the US presidential election. For many among us […]