Key Considerations of Canadian Drug Policy – March 8th, 2019

Good morning subscribers! On October 17, 2018 recreational cannabis was legalized by the Federal government. Its legalization came with regulations that are similar to the ones used for alcohol in Canada, as they set limits on how cannabis is produced, distributed, consumed and sold. However, these regulations and other associated policies have been criticized for […]

The Highs and Lows of Cannabis Legalization

Jasper Paredes As many Canadians already know, Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government plans to fundamentally change the way cannabis is handled and sold in Canada. Their proposed Cannabis Act is expected to become law by July 2018, and aims to establish a strict framework for regulating the production, distribution, selling, and possession of cannabis across Canada. […]

Pot Prohibition: Problems and the Need for Policy Reform

Matteo Pirri Citing high usage rates, positive (or at least largely ambivalent) public attitudes toward its consumption, and an emerging global reformation regarding its illegality, a story published in the Toronto Star in January of this year maintained that “2014 [is] poised to go to pot.” Yet despite these popular trends, nine months later, there has been little […]