Exploring Alternatives to the Universal Basic Income

Andrew Abballe and Jonathan Kates If you’ve been following any discussion of 21st century economic adaptation, you’ve likely come across the term “universal basic income” (UBI).  This is the concept that every person in a given jurisdiction will receive a minimum weekly or monthly payment, regardless of how much they work, or any income they […]

Long Overdue: Assessing the State of Canada’s Infrastructure Deficit

Rohan Balram Every day, over 6,000 commuters travel to and from central Toronto by the Gardiner Expressway. Although the Gardiner is clearly a key piece of transportation infrastructure, it has been left to deteriorate for more than a decade. Despite reports of falling debris every winter, most government action has manifested itself in scattered efforts […]

Niche Affordable Housing Models, Collective Resource Sharing…and Bernie Sanders?

Shelby Challis A report released last month on Canada’s National Housing Strategy details the findings of nearly four months of public consultations with housing experts, stakeholders, and Canadians from across the country. The report identifies priority areas, and highlights ideas on how to redefine solutions to our housing crisis. Some of the priority areas included […]

PPGR Morning Briefing – November 28, 2016

PPGR Morning Briefing Good morning and welcome to the final edition of the Morning Briefing of the term! As December approaches, with all of the fun of final papers and exams it brings, the PPGR Morning Briefing team will be entering its scheduled hibernation period. We’d like to thank you for subscribing, reading, and engaging with the […]

Who is Responsible for Preventing Workplace Discrimination in Canada?

Rebecca Dyck Canadians are fortunate to have laws in place that protect them from discrimination in the workplace. However, even with these laws, discrimination exists in many workplaces across the country. In 2015, the Canadian Human Rights Commission (CHRC) – an organization mandated to promote and protect human rights in Canada – received 1,207 complaints of […]

PPGR Morning Briefing – November 21, 2016

PPGR Morning Briefing Good morning and welcome to another edition of the PPGR Morning Briefing! Well Toronto, it looks like winter may have finally arrived. Try to look on the bright side though: the chaos brought on by that first millimetre of snow is sure to give us all something fresh to complain about! No need to worry […]