Experiments Are Not Just for Scientists Anymore

Marvin JS Ferrer The 4th Toronto Political Behaviour Workshop answers big questions about why citizens do what they do US Republicans who are aware that the fast-food chain Wendy’s donates to members of the Republican Party, will choose to eat at Wendy’s more often than those who aren’t. Democrats who are aware of the association, however, […]

On the Theory of the Firm and the Economics of Bullshit Jobs

Brent Barron If you’re reading this, there’s a decent chance you have a bullshit job. Bullshit jobs–as defined by a recent article in Strike! Magazine–are jobs that seem an awful lot like they might have been created just to keep people busy now that we’ve automated the ability to actually make things: “We have seen […]

Seen and Heard: Lord Gus O’Donnell

Amna Raza On Tuesday December 11th, 2012, the School of Public Policy and Governance  hosted Sir Gus O’Donnell as part of its Leadership in Public Policy series. He was joined in conversation by SPPG Professor Tony Dean. Lord Gus O’Donnell is currently a strategic advisor to Ed Clark, Group President and CEO of TD Bank, […]