Global Student Mobility: The Stimulant for Economic Growth in Nigeria

Abiola Sulaiman Nigeria, Africa’s largest economy and most populous nation with approximately 180 million people and an annual population growth rate of 3.5 per cent, finds itself in a pivotal position with an upcoming national election (recently postponed to March). The Nigerian electorate is standing in the eyes of the world, symbolized by the United […]

Opinion: Has Canada Done Enough in the Fight Against Ebola?

Tracy Wang On Thursday, October 23, Dr. Craig Spencer tested positive for Ebola at New York City’s Bellevue Hospital. Spencer, who had been working in West Africa with Doctors Without Borders, marked the fourth case of the infection being diagnosed in the United States. As the number of confirmed Ebola cases rises past 10,000 (of which nearly 5,000 patients have […]

The New Caliphate: Governance and the Islamic State

Saad Omar Khan The Islamic State (IS), also known as ISIS and ISIL, has been making headlines worldwide over the past few months. The threat to stability in the Middle East invoked by IS has prompted an international response—including a Canadian commitment to send military advisors to Iraq—designed to stem the spread of the group […]

Three Policy Issues to Watch for This September

Deanna Veltri Coming off the heels of an eventful summer recess, Parliament is set to reconvene on Monday, September 15. A new Northern Canada Research Program, controversial prostitution legislation, and an overhaul of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program marked only a few of the major policy moves made over the summer months. Standing on the […]

Preserving Indigenous Language in Togo

Margaret Cappa This piece is based on first-person interviews conducted by the author that present a problem and the individuals working towards a solution. As policy students and practitioners, we often think of problems being solved by governments or by organizations such as foundations, charities or other NGOs. However, history has shown us time again […]