The German Reaction to the European Migrant Crisis: An Over-excited City, a Divided Public, and an Exhausted Civil Service

Ashley Mantha-Hollands In 2004 Klaus Wowereit, Berlin’s former mayor, coined the ultra popular saying “Berlin is poor, but sexy.” In truth, there is no phrase that more accurately describes the city’s rampant nightlife, dark grunge fashion, and decrepit street art-covered buildings scattered among neoclassical architecture. Berlin has long distinguished itself through its novel policies from […]

Lost at Sea: Three Options for the EU to Improve its Refugee Policies

Brynne Moore In past weeks, the world has seen harrowing pictures and video footage of drowning children, abuse towards refugees, and barbed wire fences constructed around state borders in Europe. Faced with the biggest influx of migrants since the Balkan wars of the 1990s, some countries in Europe have been widely criticized for their closed […]

Friend or Foe: Educationally Assortative Marriages

Shane Senécal-Tremblay Wealth inequality, or the uneven distribution of financial assets among citizens, is a subject that has gained significant traction as of late. Following the Occupy movement and the publication of Thomas Pickety’s best-selling “Capital in the Twenty-First Century,” it is not only fraught over within academia, but also now figures prominently in the public […]

Work Sharing: How to Make Canada (A Bit) More Recession Proof

Zach Lewsen At the onset of the 2008 recession, Canadian employment trends took a turn for the worse. In particular, the manufacturing sector — linked to the contagious financial downturn south of the border — saw thousands of layoffs. At least one crisis-exposed company, however, dodged the trend: Standen’s Ltd, a 475-person steel parts firm […]

Out on the Streets: Homelessness in Canada and France

The ‘Public Policy and Governance Review Abroad’, or PPGR Abroad, is a new initiative for 2014. Undertaken in collaborative with exchange students from the Master of Public Policy program at the School of Public Policy and Governance, University of Toronto, it will featured policy insights and analyses direct from Berlin and Paris. Margaret Campbell It doesn’t […]