Unveiling Bill C62

On October 17, the Liberal government of Quebec passed Bill 62, titled “an Act to foster adherence to State religious neutrality.” The bill received a staggering 66 votes in favour and 51 against. The bill mandates how employees of “public bodies” – that is, government employees – and those receiving public services should dress, specifically […]

Down the Cylinder Part 2: The National Energy Board and pipeline regulation

Ian T.D. Thomson My last pipeline explainer left us on a policy cliff-hanger. Pipelines are crucial to Canada’s economy and energy infrastructure. As the primary mode of transportation for resources, they connect our exports to the United States. The history of pipelines in Canada dates back over 150 years, with some of the first pipeline […]

Opinion: Bill 94, A By-Product of American Orientalist Discourse

Shane Senécal-Tremblay Advanced by former Quebec Premier Jean Charest in 2010, Bill 94 is a controversial piece of legislation that effectively revokes fundamental freedoms and rights from those women whose religious beliefs include the wearing of a niqab. More specifically, the bill prohibits face-covering women from giving or receiving government services in the name of […]

The Right to Die: The Carter Case and Assisted Suicide in Canada

Alexis Mulvenna On October 14, the question of whether Canadians have the right to seek assisted suicide made its way to the Supreme Court of Canada yet again. Assisted suicide, which is currently illegal in Canada, is the intentional killing of oneself with the help of another. The issue was famously first addressed by the Supreme […]

Early Childcare Education and the Benefit Redistibution Debate

Tara Sackett In recent weeks, a lively social policy debate has emerged front and centre in the Canadian media as the Conservative and New Democratic parties advocate for polar-opposite childcare options for families with young children. The Conservative platform trumpets “choice” with the $100/month Universal Childcare Benefit, although its recently introduced income splitting policy is argued […]

The Massey Report: Seeking Unity in a Culture of Differences

This year’s Walter Gordon Symposium is co-hosted by Massey College and the School of Public Policy and Governance, and explores the oft-overlooked subject of public policy in the arts. In the week leading up to the March 26-27 event, the PPGR will be featuring writing on the subject of the arts, cultural policy, and the ‘soft’ power of […]