The Highs and Lows of Cannabis Legalization

Jasper Paredes As many Canadians already know, Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government plans to fundamentally change the way cannabis is handled and sold in Canada. Their proposed Cannabis Act is expected to become law by July 2018, and aims to establish a strict framework for regulating the production, distribution, selling, and possession of cannabis across Canada. […]

Keep Calm and Cycle On: the case for cycling infrastructure

Emily Wong In early August, Bike Share Toronto announced the addition of 70 new bike stations to its network. This expansion, supported by funding from the City of Toronto as well as from the provincial and federal governments, is a commendable move towards the effective implementation of cycling policies. Encouraging more active transportation is good […]

A Closer Look at Drug Addiction in Canada.

Harpreet Sahota With the Canadian government planning to legalize marijuana by July 2018, now is an important time to discuss the impact of existing drug policies in Canada. The criminalization of drugs has created a huge burden on the criminal justice system and has contributed to the continual stigmatization of people with drug addictions. The […]

Summer Camps: Helping Children and Youth Cope with Neurological Disorders

Shelby Challis  As summer approaches, many of us might be beginning to look forward to vacations abroad, or even just some  free time that we can finally spend at our leisure. However, for many families and caregivers of children with mental health disorders, the summer months mark an extremely stressful period. Not only is their child’s […]

Access to Health Care on Aboriginal Reserves  

Jasjit Goraya On March 10, 2016 images of First Nations children from the Nishnawbe Aski Nation who were covered in rashes and skin lesions surfaced on the internet. A total of 16 children with acute cases of skin infection were identified as in need of immediate medical help. Health Canada immediately issued a statement claiming […]

Food waste is (slowly) getting a facelift

Jonathan Kates In the age of selfies and Instagram fame, it should not exactly be surprising that our reverence of appearance has trickled down to food presentation, despite the fact that this has no bearing on the food’s appearance at the other end of its life-cycle. A quick perusal of any of your social networks […]