Endangering Extinction: Assessing Canada’s effort for vulnerable populations

Ian T. D. Thomson A new report by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) reveals that nearly two-thirds of all wildlife will be eliminated by 2020. While many have criticized the organization’s statistical methods for obtaining this grand conclusion (i.e. the study has been said to not adequately represent species in South America), the report’s main […]

Getting Past the Bull: Evidentiary Problems and Breed Bans

Michael Robichaud If you’re a Canadian with an internet connection and one or more functioning eyeballs, you’ve heard about Montreal’s pit bull ban (which has been suspended by a Superior Court judge pending a final ruling on its legality). If I were to gauge the public’s reaction to the ban based on the tenor of […]

‘D’ Grade: A Look at Animal Welfare Policy in Canada

Celine Maiolino This past year was an exciting time in the world of animal welfare. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) agreed to replace their muskrat fur hats with a more animal-friendly alternative (although the decision was later overturned by the federal government), the Pope confirmed that all dogs do in fact go to heaven, an […]