Intergenerational Equity and Social Policy

Jasmine Lam At the Canada 150 Conference, Carolyn Tuohy (University of Toronto) moderated a panel  on Intergenerational Equity and Social Policy featuring John Myles (University of Toronto), Daniel Béland, (University of Saskatchewan) and Joseph Heath (University of Toronto). Fitting with the conference’s theme of examining transformative policies over the last and next 50 years in […]

Pension Reform: A Hard Look at the Role of Ideology

Federico Vargas On the sunniest day of the year, Canadians learned of a final agreement reached among all provincial ministers and the federal government, with the exception of Manitoba and Quebec, to significantly expand the Canadian Pension Plan (CPP). This long overdue expansion of the CPP took place in a particularly tense and politicized environment. […]

Understanding Kathleen Wynne’s Ontario Pension Plan

Alessandro Sisti Endorsements throughout the campaign swayed between the major parties; the Ottawa Citizen presented a reasoned case for endorsing the PCs, and Torontoist gave an articulate (reluctant) defence of the Ontario Liberals. But every endorsement botched its argument for or against reform in key campaign issue: public pensions. The Citizen presented the proposal for the […]