What is an Economy for Anyways: A Talk with Dr. Yannick Beaudoin

by Steven Giallelis A Story of Wants: To those who don’t have much knowledge or experience in the field, hearing the word “economics” or “economy” may bring shivers down their backs at the mere thought of mathematic calculations. Even more so, such terms beyond use in conversation may not be truly understood. Many may find […]

How Entrepreneurs Can Fix Capitalism: A Lecture by Muhammad Yunus

Rebecca Hellam How do we fix an economic system that excludes large portions of the total population? Inclusive growth has been a topic conversation among world leaders and high-profile figures lately. During his speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that businesses should hire more women and diversify their […]

Beyond Ottawa: The career of Christine Hogan

Christine Hogan’s career path has not exactly been conventional. Currently the Executive Director responsible for Canada, Ireland, and the Caribbean at the World Bank, she has previously been a Deputy Minister of International Trade and a foreign and defense policy advisor to Prime Minister Stephen Harper. She has also held senior policy positions in the […]