The Case for an Arts & Culture Policy Revamp

Jordann Thirgood As Canadian icon Gord Downie makes history and our nation approaches its 150th birthday, the time is ripe for government to promote and strategically invest in our artists and cultural industries. On August 20, millions of Canadians collectively wept as lead vocalist Gord Downie gave the performance of a lifetime during what was likely […]

Breed-Specific Legislation: A Waste of Public Dollars

Jasmine CY Lam Pit bulls have once again made their way to the front page of our newspapers. This is following the fatal attack on Montreal woman Christiane Vadnais by a dog that police identified as a pit bull, but has now been found to be a registered boxer. Following the attack, Mayor Denis Coderre passed a pit bull […]

A new era of Canadian Politics? “Real Change” is coming up short

Jonathan Kates  After experiencing an unprecedented first year of manicured popularity, it appears the honeymoon may be fading. The end of summer 2016 and subsequent return to Parliament have so far not been kind to Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government. A series of recent expense scandals, personnel slip-ups and some backtracking on key promises have them headed towards […]

Constructing Trudeau: A Picture Perfect Honeymoon

Ali Nasser Virji Sitting in the E.J. Pratt Library days before the one-year anniversary of Justin Trudeau’s convincing ascent to power, Jonathan tapped my shoulder and pointed to his computer screen. The Prime Minister, apparently, had never met Drake, but feels that the Toronto icon is “really good” at “what he does.” “Don’t you find […]

On Catherine McKenna and the Pressure to Compromise

Jonathan Kates Last week, as interim Conservative leader Rona Ambrose grilled the Liberal government in the House of Commons on their yet-to-be announced decision regarding the Pacific Northwest LNG project in British Columbia, Environment and Climate Change Minister Catherine McKenna was giving Ambrose her answer over 5,000 kilometres away. In Richmond, B.C., with Natural Resources […]

The Political Impact of a Growing Narrative of Fear

Shannon Brooks Recent news is flooded with headlines of political perspectives based on isolationism, and many upcoming electoral nominees are engaging with a strengthening “fear narrative.” Extremist views are spreading, which is leading to new world perspectives, and new political parties that could not have had the same influence or popular support as in the […]