Myth of the Knowledge Economy

Thomas Vogl Narratives are powerful instruments in policymaking. They can simplify complex circumstances and make them readily amenable to policymaking. Through simplifications, narratives can result in omissions, misrepresentation and unforeseen negative outcomes. However, this does not take away from their capacity to set assumptions that underwrite the decision making process. A pervasive narrative when discussing […]

Tubes For All: The Usage-Based Billing Debate Modified

Thomas Vogl It would be better if Internet infrastructure were publicly owned. Now before I get tagged with the ‘commie-pinko’ epithet for what may at first appear to be a counter-market prescription straight out of Marx and Engels’ Communist Manifesto, allow me to explain not only why I would suggest such a course of action, […]

Avoiding the Resource Curse to Stand with the Emerging Superpowers

At the February 25th presentation “A Conversation on Leadership with The Right Honourable Paul Martin”, part of an ongoing speaker series by the School of Public Policy and Governance, Martin highlighted a serious economic challenge that future Canadian leaders will face. Before we get to that, two observations must first be noted. On the one hand, […]