Confronting Complexity: The (Super) Wicked Problem of Climate Change

The Walter Gordon Symposium is an annual conference co-hosted by the School of Public Policy and Governance and Massey College. In the lead up to the 2015 Walter Gordon Symposium, students, speakers, faculty, and community members are invited to share their reflections on the theme of ‘Confronting Complexity’ in Canadian society. ​This year’s conference will take place on March […]

Power Struggles: Energy Security and Equality in Canada

Tara Sackett Interest by remote Indigenous communities in Canada for building alternative energy systems – including renewable projects such as run-of-river hydro and wind, but also systems such as wind-diesel hybrids or combined heat and power – has been increasing in recent decades. “Off-grid” communities, which are not connected to the main electricity grid, may […]

Early Childcare Education and the Benefit Redistibution Debate

Tara Sackett In recent weeks, a lively social policy debate has emerged front and centre in the Canadian media as the Conservative and New Democratic parties advocate for polar-opposite childcare options for families with young children. The Conservative platform trumpets “choice” with the $100/month Universal Childcare Benefit, although its recently introduced income splitting policy is argued […]

Growing a Better City: The Value of Toronto’s Trees

In light of Toronto’s upcoming municipal election, the PPGR is dedicating this week to a special series of posts that focus on municipal policy issues. Be sure to check back tomorrow to read up on another topic of municipal interest. Tara Sackett Two leading candidates for mayor in the upcoming Toronto municipal election, Olivia Chow […]