Web Summit 2015: The Davos of Geeks

Shelby Challis This month  marked the 6th annual Web Summit, the largest technology conference in the world, held annually in Dublin, Ireland. The conference welcomed a record-breaking 42,000 attendees from 134 countries across the globe. On offer were hundreds of speakers discussing a range of topics that included Big Data, cybersecurity, clicktivism, neuroscience, and, of […]

The First Election Debate: Pipelines and Pipe Dreams

Shelby Challis On Thursday, August 6th, Canada’s political leaders took to the stage to debate over their competing economic and political visions for the country. The debate featured Prime Minister Stephen Harper, NDP Leader Tom Mulcair, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau and the Green Party’s Leader Elizabeth May. Hosted by Maclean’s magazine and moderated by their […]

Where Big Data Meets Big Brother

Shelby Challis We live in the digital age. It’s an assertion that won’t raise many eyebrows, or excite much contention. It is also a statement that is constantly being reaffirmed by our own lived experiences. The ways in which we construct our very identities are born out of this digitized environment. However, what should excite contention […]