Buffett: Can you spare a tax rate?

Phil Donelson “We’ve borrowed too much, we’ve spent too much, and we’ve dramatically over-regulated every aspect of the private sector in our country and now we are threatening to raise taxes on top of it,” said Republican Senator Mitch McConnell on NBC’s Meet the Press this past Sunday. Though seemingly unaware of the regulatory history […]

The European Sovereign Debt Crisis and United States Debt Ceiling

James Clark The Public Policy and Governance Review asked current and former students to write a series of posts on the major policy events of the summer as we begin the fall semester. Today is the first of the series. The summer of 2011 was tumultuous. European and North American governments worked to reduce budget […]

Clean Canadian Energy: Missing the Opportunity of a Generation

Throughout our history, generation after generation of Canadians have faced up to the tremendous challenges of their times. From the construction of the Canadian Pacific Railway to the introduction of Medicare, we have not been afraid to take the big steps necessary to achieve our policy goals. As we drift into the 21st century, however, […]

The Special Benefits of EI Reform

Employment Insurance (EI) reform has entered the public discourse in recent weeks, and many experts agree that there are serious problems with how the current system operates. EI is at the core of our social safety net, not only for its traditional role in providing assistance to workers in times of unemployment, but also in […]